AAANY Youth Programs 

We'll be kickstarting the spring sessions for our youth programs this month! This semester, we'll be offering College Hour, Homework Help, the Youth Racial Justice Program, as well as launching our Young Women Leadership Program in April! 

College Preparation & Discussion Circles 

This program will provide high school students with assistance with their college applications, essays, and interviews from college student mentors who have already gone through the college application process and who already know how stressing and tiring the process is. College Hour gives students the chance to interact with others, learn from our student mentors about the college experience, and more. If a student completes the work they needed to, they can then get the time to finish their homework and assist others with their homework. College Hour is the ultimate hour(s) for students to get the help they need to finish their school and college work! College Hour at the association will be held Mondays from 2-5PM. On Wednesdays, there will be a discussion circle where students can bring in an article or a topic that affects them. They will be able to bring awareness to issues that matter to them while receiving advise and support from peers and mentors. 

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The Youth Racial Justice Program

The program will address the pressing social issues of today such as indigenous, women’s rights, and more through various workshops. The curriculum works to get students thinking critically about these issues and how to engage the community in bringing about further awareness surrounding them. Youth will get the chance to discuss their own experiences and these pressing issues at hand in safe spaces. Students will also get the chance to organize split themselves up into committees where they will get the chance to take action on matters most important to them.The Youth Racial Justice Program will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5PM. Tuesdays, for one hour, students get the chance form a discuss circle where they can have conversations on their own experience with social injustice, or any event that happened that week that they feel might affect them,  and the like. For the next hour,  youth will split into their designated committees to focus on how to organize and take action on a specific issue they care about. Thursdays will be a designated day for workshops on various social issues to inform students and engage them on the matters that affect our communities. 

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The Young Women Leadership Program

This particular program establishes a weekly discussion circle where young women ages 15-25 can discuss issues that are specifically relevant to our community. Conversations would stem out of discussions on identity, how to recognize systems of the patriarchy working within our cultures and communities and how to sensitively combat them. These conversations can happen by bringing in facilitators to provide a safe space to discuss the topic at hand, or through visual presentations and film discussions. We choose women mentors in our community who have studied or are activists around women's issues. This program will ultimately provide space for young women to share their own experiences and use the group as a safe space to confide in peers, ask for advice, and find support in one another, and will be held Saturdays 11AM to 1PM. 

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